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Vegetarian/Vegan Appetizers
Menu Item Min.
Order Qty
Price per Piece Order Qty
Caprese skewers-Ciliegine mozzarella, balsamic marinated grape tomato, and fresh basil on a bamboo spear - 2 skewers per serving 8 $ 3.00
Parisian panino sandwich with double creme brie & crisp green apple, wrapped in wax paper & tied with twine 24 $ 2.75
Wild mushroom tartlet with truffle oil and chives 24 $ 3.25
Asparagus tartlet with white wine marinated fennel and sweet onion 24 $ 2.75
Tuscan orzo pasta salad with sweet peppers, green beans, and chevre tossed in Gourmondos Tuscan Herb vinaigrette - served in an individual cordial cup with a mini spoon 24 $ 2.75
Individual Market crudite - an assortment of seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs in in cucumber dip, served in a small cordial cup 24 $ 3.00
Mushroom crepe pan-seared wild mushroom crepe topped with Mornay sauce and fresh chives served hot in a chafing dish* 24 $ 3.00
Marinated tofu Fresh spring rolls with vermicelli noodles, daikon radish, basil, sprouts, carrots, lettuce, and cucumber served with sweet Thai chili sauce 24 $ 2.25
Butternut squash mousse served in a candied walnut cup and topped with a candied pecan 24 $ 2.50
Individual smoked hummus crudite crisp vegetables with fresh herbs served in an individual cordial cup with smoked hummus 24 $ 3.25
Seafood Appetizers
Menu Item Min.
Order Qty
Price per Piece Order Qty
Mesquite salmon skewers Gourmondos signature mesquite salmon on a bamboo paddle 24 $ 3.25
Chilled prawns served with cocktail sauce and lemons 12 $ 2.95
Ancho chili and lime marinated prawn served on polenta with cumin-cilantro scented black bean puree 24 $ 3.25
Salmon rillettes poached salmon and smoked salmon mixed with creme fraiche, lemon, shallots and chives, served on black rye toast with tobiko caviar 24 $ 2.75
Dungeness crab salad with crisp green apple, fresh radish and Pernod, served in a small cordial cup (3 dozen minimum) 36 $ 3.75
Prawn spring rolls with vermicelli noodles, daikon radish, basil, sprouts, carrots, lettuce, and cucumber served with Thai peanut sauce 24 $ 3.25
Smoked trout on a house-made English cheddar biscuit with creme fraiche, lemon zest ribbons and fresh chives 24 $ 3.00
Poultry, Pork & Beef Appetizers
Menu Item Min.
Order Qty
Price per Piece Order Qty
Chicken tartlet with Grana Padano, sweet onions, grapes, and fresh herbs 24 $ 2.25
Honey-yogurt marinated chicken salad tossed with scallions, red onion and mint served atop chick pea-apricot puree on cumin and coriander seasoned flatbread 24 $ 3.00
Petite chicken gyro herb marinated chicken wrapped in a tortilla and served with tzatziki and tomato cucumber salad 24 $ 3.25
Crisp proscitto & apple savory tart poached Granny Smith apple encased in pastry and topped with sharp blue cheese creme and a crispy prosciutto disk 24 $ 2.75
Bacon stuffed new potato smoky bacon, caramelized onions, and Manchego cheese, stuffed into a bite-size roasted new potato and topped with creme fraiche and chives 24 $ 2.25
Black Forest Ham panino sandwich with black forest ham and gruyere, wrapped in wax paper and tied with twine 24 $ 2.25
Virginia ham and English cheddar biscuit with apricot mostarda 24 $ 3.50
Mini Bratwurst bangers and caramelized onions encased in puff pastry served hot in a chafing dish with freshly ground mustard and red pepper relish 24 $ 3.50
Smoky orange chicken skewer chipotle chili, orange and bourbon glazed chicken 24 $ 3.00
Trays and Platters
Menu Item Min.
Order Qty
Price per Piece Order Qty
Local and imported artisan cheese tray including: Rogue Creamerys Oregonzola, Beechers Smoked Flagship and iStaras Ptit Basque, served with fresh fruit, toasted nuts and Le Panier baguette 12 $ 3.95
Fresh seasonal fruit from Pike Place Market 12 $ 3.75
Cured meats: salami, bresaola, prosciutto, and coppa, served with marinated olives and sliced bread 12 $ 4.95
Gerard and Dominiques smoked salmon served with red onion, cucumber, creme fraiche and sliced bread 12 $ 3.95
Housemade hummus, olive tapenade and tzatziki with marinated olives, assorted vegetables, pita bread, crostini and sliced breads 12 $ 3.95
Chilled jumbo prawns served with cocktail sauce and lemons, 2 per serving 12 $ 2.95
Herb and Russian Sea Salt Crusted Grilled Steak -sliced thin and fanned out, served with horseradish creme and sliced bread 24 $ 4.95
Local artisan antipasto platter with cured meats, assorted cheese, grilled vegetables, marinated olives, and slice baguette bread 12 $ 5.95
Gourmondo works with various local bakers for all specialty cakes, tarts and other desserts, please call for a menu and price list.
Menu Item Min.
Order Qty
Price per Piece Order Qty
Assorted Signature Cookies 8 $ 2.00
Fresh house-made petite brownie cake dusted with powdered sugar 8 $ 2.50
Assorted dessert tray: assorted cookies, mini-lemon tartlets, mini chocolate eclairs, and our petite chocolate cakes. 8 $ 2.75
Mini Key Lime Tarts* 12 $ 2.75
Menu Subtotal

Event Information

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Note: Most catering items require three (3) business days notice and are available for events after 2pm. If your event is within the next three (3) business days, please call us at 206.762.2977 to inquire about accommodating your request. Our menus vary seasonally. Most items are served at room temperature on black disposable trays. Items marked with an asterisk may vary seasonally or require an on-site chef.

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* Consuming raw or undercooked meats or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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